Nissan Teana Sump Guard

Nissan Teana Sump Guard


Sump guard for the engine and gearbox, dedicated to Nissan Teana. It is mounted without any modifications to the vehicle, delivered together with all the required mounting accessories. It does not affect the warranty of the vehicle.

We will fit the sump guard for you at our workshop.

You can also do it yourself or at any auto-service point.

Delivered together with the installation manual that precisely describes the steps needed to be undertaken during mounting.

Every car has factory-made screw holes for fitting the sump guard, making mounting very easy . You can either do it yourself or at any auto-service point.

Fitting your sump guard does not require any mechanical alternations concerning vehicle structure.

Sump Guard Fitting

Handling of the car will not be affected.

Weight9 kg
Dimensions0.25 cm




Oil Sump Opening



Engine, Gearbox

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NISSAN TEANANissan Teana Sump Guard